It was an elegant experience like an oasis of peace harmonized by the tranquil atmosphere. The entertainment was very good along with exceptional food and facilities. All the staff members were cheerful, courteous and always happy to help..



External Activites

Angling and Fly fishing

Fishing holidays are arranged on special request. The lakes and rivers around Bijaipur are full of fresh water fish. The mighty ‘Mahseer’ has been, and still is, a major habitant of the Chambal River flowing near Bijaipur. Other species of fish include the Snakehead Murrel, Goonch, Catla, Mrigal, Rohu, Singhada, Baam (Eel fish).

We have our own set of hunting tents that is setup according to the chosen location. The camp also has full time catering with staff. A team of locals, expert on fish, is available to help you with your expedition.